• Fertility Facts : Diabetes can lead to infertility

    Fertility Facts : Diabetes can lead to infertility

    Diabetes is a non-communicable disease and it has become rampant in our society and can affect your fertility status.It can now be likened to a plague. It is characterised by the absolute or reduced production of insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar, or a relative insensitivity of the body’s cells to this hormone, leading to persistently elevated blood sugar levels.

    Blood sugar must be strictly regulated within a range and any changes out of this range can be debilitating to one’s health. If its too low, the body cannot function properly and when its toon high it can lead to death.

    Also, if too high (hyperglycemia), many body functions are compromised, the body becomes a nidus for an unpleasant micro-organism to flourish, metabolic processes are altered, many organ systems like the heart, kidneys, brain are affected and they can shut down, if blood sugar is not controlled.

    This processes can lead to elevated blood sugar and a disease called diabetes mellitus.

    Diabetes can either be type one, in which the body’s own natural defences see the pancreatic beta islet cells (where insulin – the blood sugar reducing hormone is produced) as enemies and destroy them; a process known as autoimmune disease.

    Or type two, which consists of an array of dysfunctions characterised by hyperglycemia and resulting from the combination of resistance to insulin action, inadequate insulin secretion, and excessive or inappropriate glucagon secretion (glucagon is the hormone that causes processes that increase blood sugar, has the opposite effect of insulin).

    There are genetic factors engineering the susceptibility to diabetes but the environment and its pollutants play a key role in one’s risk of developing diabetes.

    Other risk factors include overweight, obesity, prehypertension and hypertension, gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, high blood cholesterol, age, race and even being born with a low birth weight has significant importance in susceptibility to diabetes.

    Also, polycystic ovarian syndrome, gestational diabetes and delivering a baby over four kilogrammes also increases the risk. Psychiatric illness like depression and schizophrenia have been linked to increased risk. There are also secondary causes of diabetes such as the use of steroids, pancreatic cancer and hormonal syndromes like Cushings etc.

    Diabetes causes damage to small and large blood vessels as well as the nerves.The reproductive organs and system are often affected in both males and females, causing primary or secondary infertility, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, ejaculatory problems, reduced sperm quality, reduced or absent menstruation, premature menopause or premature ovarian failure and recurrent infections of the reproductive tract.

    All of these can impede fertility. An hyperglycemic environment is also hostile to a developing embryo or fetus, leading to miscarriage even when conception does occur. Other organs that could be affected by diabetes are the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes and the musculoskeletal system, leading to diseases of these organs.

    With the above knowledge, it is important to know that diabetes must be prevented with lifestyle changes that are modified according to the causative factors listed and of course proper management of the ongoing disease.

    The major aim of managing diabetes is to prevent damage to organ systems that eventually lead to its complications and this is done by regulating blood sugar to normal levels at all times. Persistently high or erratically controlled blood sugar would affect an individuals quality of life.

    Conventional management of DM involves consultation with a nutritionist who tells you what is generally healthy and what’s not, as well as the use of medications to lower blood sugar.

    These medications have their own side-effects. Whereas, detoxification at the Mart-Life Detox Clinic Maryland Ikeja Lagos, where Mayr’s principles are incorporated, involves nutritional consultations that put into consideration, the bioenergetic resonances of your body, to the kind of food you are exposed to at that time.

    So that, one is advised not just based on general knowledge of what is healthy or not, but what would work to bring your own body’s bioenergies into balance. In this case, not everything healthy is being tolerated by your body.

    Mayr type detoxification lowers blood sugar while balancing body hormones and better regulating body physiological processes. It incorporates balancing acidic with alkaline foods, low glycemic index meal plans, purely sourced orthomolecular supplements to support dysfunctional organs and systems, regular individualised exercise, treatments to enhance eradication of body toxins and whole body cellular rejuvenation.

    These accumulated toxins would even be impeding treatments as they compete for receptor sites with your nutrients, medications, and hormones. The root causes of problems are dug out as well as other weakened and stressed organ systems, in order to support them because all parts of our body work in synch and any bad part may affect other areas.

    The latest addition to an array of medical therapies is the True Rife frequency machine which uses amplified frequencies to nullify abnormalities in the body. All of these put the body in a better position to correct itself, improving even the efficacy of other management strategies. For more info, contact us on http://www.medicalartcenter.com/contact-us/

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