Our Mission

To provide state of the art technology in the management of infertility and other reproductive health problems. Emphasis would be placed on the continuous development of cutting edge technologies in addressing reproductive health management. Medical Art Center will also provide training in the field of assisted reproductive technology to deserving health personnel to ensure coverage for the country and the West-African sub-region.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to provide cutting edge technology for the comprehensive management of infertility. We believe that infertile couples require a thorough evaluation, careful analysis, customized and personalized care. Our strengths are in the long standing years of scientific and research experience in the field of reproduction, as well as our pioneering advances in assisted conception.  These are coupled with our continued breakthroughs in advances in the treatment of infertile couples.

Our international collaboration and our state of the art facility is fully equipped to provide couples with any procedure that is necessary. We are committed to ensuring that ours is the final court of appeal for any couple who wants a baby.